Natural production of oxygen, legally rescued.


Good news, the morning of November 27, 2012 the Federal District Government (GDF) published the declaration of determining the expropriation of property located in Appalachia, in Chapultepec Park. So we can chalk up a win and prove that together we can achieve reverse cases threatening our health and future, like this.

The declaration states:

Was determined as the public interest in favor of expropriation Federal District property located in Appalachia number 525, Section Viceroys, Colonia Lomas de Chapultepec, Miguel Hidalgo, to 4799.99 meters square area, to contribute to the subject area Environmental Value of Chapultepec Park, and for the establishment of a priority area for conservation and ecological preservation, protection, conservation, development and utilization of natural elements of exploitation, the necessary measures to prevent the destruction of natural and property damage that may suffer the detriment of the community as well as for the preservation of ecological balance and environmental…

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